Many of you are stuck at home and are wondering when the gyms or health clubs will open or close again.  Here is the opportunity to take care of yourself at home in a small space.  See how you move, assess yourself, and then progress a little at a time.  What can you do physically?  Are you fit, healthy, strong, mobile, flexible, and able to perform what you love to do pain free?

Below are 6 basic exercises to assess your movement.  The exercise is the assessment and you will know your number when you finish.  What’s your number?

  1. Overhead Wall Squat
  2. Single Leg Reach to Cone/Phone
  3. Walk-Out Push-Up
  1. 3-Way Lunge
  2. Runners Stretch
  3. Spread Feet Wide & Rotate

Overhead Wall Squat

Overhead Wall Squat
Overhead Wall Squat: how close to the wall can you get your toes.  This is a picture showing the proper squat from the side.  Turn and face the wall when you do the actual exercise

Let’s start with the Overhead Wall Squat. This exercise will show you how mobile all your joints are.  From your toes to your hands and everything in between.  Can you get your toes to three inches from the wall with feet hip width apart and squat all the way down?  If you can’t, move back a few inches and try again.  See where you end up and if you can even squat all the way down.  Have a friend take a video of you doing it so you can see your movement.

Single Leg Reach

Single Leg Reach to Cone/Phone
Single Leg Reach to Cone/Phone Push the Cone 2 inches at a time and see how far you can reach.

The Single Leg Reach to the Cone assesses multiple movements at once.  First, can you stand on one-leg and balance. Second, can you hinge from your hips and third, can you push the cone down the line and how far on your right compared to your left.  This simple exercise will improve your movement through your foot up into your T-Spine.  Very important for a healthy body.

Walk-Out Push-Up

Walk-Out Push Up
Walk-Out Push Up: Do 1, 2, 3 ….. 20 reps

The Walk-Out Push-Up will show you how strong your upper body is and can you maintain a stiff CORE throughout the movement.  Build up from 1, 2, 3 …. 20 reps.

3-Way Lunge

3-way lunge
3-Way Lunge Start by not stepping out to far forward then back and then to the side. Pay attention to how far you can step with your left vs your right. Is there a difference?

The 3-Way Lunge will show if you can side lunge the same distance on your right as your left.  It works the hips in three different directions.  Great for strengthening your hips, improving your balance and overall general fitness level. 

Runner’s Stretch

Runners Stretch
Runners Stretch: put your hands on a chair to get started.  Hold for 30-60 seconds and repeat on the other side. Hands on the floor is a very advanced movement.

The Runner’s Stretch is great for your hamstrings, low back, and T-Spine.  This one exercise can make you feel great and loosen up the side of your leg while stretching the hamstrings and improving your posture.  Use a chair to control how low you go.  You won’t be able to start on the ground like you see in the picture. 

Spread Feet Wide

Spread Feet Wide and Rotate
Spread Feet Wide and Rotate Feet 50 inches apart: hand at 25 and rotate 3 times back and forth. Then move feet out 2 inches and repeat. Do this 3 times and then foam roll your inner thighs for 30-60 seconds and repeat again. How does that make you feel?

The Spread Feet Wide and Rotate exercise is a great hamstring, inner thigh, and T-Spine mobility exercise.  Open up the whole body with ONE exercise.  Do this every morning to get the juices flowing.  Use the BloX under your hand if you have trouble reaching the floor. If your feet are at 50 inches your hand is at 25.  Do 3 rotations and move your feet out 2 inches to 52 inches and your hand to 26 inches.  Take your time and remember to breathe for best results.


Remember a little bit every day goes a long way.  Motion is lotion and your body will thank you. 

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