BAMmetrics Exercise on Driving Range

Mobility + Swing Speed Seminar  

Improve your mobility to golf better!

Mobility training for more distance, better accuracy, and less discomfort. Training that’s:

  • Easy to master
  • Golf specific
  • Effective

About the Seminar

About the BAMmetrics Better Golf Fitness Seminar

$695 per person (Level One) for a three-hour training session, plus participants take home the BAM equipment, have access to exclusive training videos, and a follow-up Zoom with a BAM Certified Trainer.

The seminar gives participants the tools they need to improve their mobility.

Fifteen minutes a day will result in better golf games. 

  • Improved mobility will increase swing speed – more distance
  • More mobility will increase strength and improve stability – more accuracy
  • Being mobile will reduce pain – play more often

Golfers love the program because it is simple to implement and provides immediate benefits. 

With the metrics-based tools provided plus the initial training and the easy-to-understand online video library, members can improve their health and mobility on their own. 

Fifteen minutes a day will improve your performance while reducing pain.

About the Trainer

BAMmetrics Bobby teaching golfers

Bobby Aldridge is uniquely qualified to lead the seminar because of his:

  • 28 years of experience in the industry teaching mobility, performance & pain-free movement to all levels of athletes – duffers to pros
  • Education: University of San Francisco: Kinesiology
  • Certifications: TPI, Egoscue, CSCS, NASM-CES, ACE, AFAA

Bobby Aldridge has spent over three decades as an athlete, student, and educator of physical movement. Now, in the best shape of his life, his mission is to help others move with ease, grace, and power to eliminate pain, reduce the chance of injury, and maximize performance.

Better Golf Fitness Seminar Levels

Levels can be sold individually or in bundles.

Level One

Let’s get started

$695 per person – 3-hour training seminar

Ideal for all player levels. 

In Level One members learn the basics of movement in all three planes of motion. We teach the six basic exercises that will improve their mobility. 

We start by giving participants assessment exercises that are designed to determine what they are capable of. The assessment exercises combined with BAMmetric’s unique measurement system also let users track their improvements and adapt the program to their needs. 

Participants leave with the understanding and tools they need to improve their mobility for better golf.

Level Two

$995 per person – 6-hour (2 x 3hrs) training seminar

Taking mobility to the next level

Ideal for top-level players. 

In Level Two we focus on golf-specific drills. Participants will see next-level improvements in mobility. Their game will soar to new heights with drills that improve impact and control through the shot. Members will soon be able to hit the ball longer and with greater control. 

Participants will leave with the tools and techniques that they need to take their mobility to the next level.

(Level One is a pre-requisite.)

Still not sure if BAMmetrics – Better
Golf Fitness Seminar is right for your members?

I’m already doing TPI:

That’s great! The BAMmetrics program is easier to apply so members are more likely to practice exercises, so mobility improves quickly. 

I have my own fitness routine.

Adding the BAMmetrics and its unique measurement tools to a pre-existing routine will take your program to the next level. Because everything is measurable there’s no guesswork, just better results!

“I like Bobby’s system a lot, where you can measure your progress.” – Doug Acton Golf Pro

I’m too busy and the numbers look complicated. 

The BAMmetrics system lets your clients see their progress toward improved mobility. Gradual, measurable steps will increase mobility, which improves strength and stability while reducing their pain. Members will thank you for introducing them to the program because of the simplicity of implementation. It’s golf fitness for dummies.

I don’t have an appropriate space. 

The BAMmetrics system makes it easy to perform a full range of exercises in any relatively flat 4 x 8 space. At your home, in the club or take it with you when traveling. BAMmetrics simplifies the process so you can do it anywhere, anytime. No bar to entry! Let’s get started!

Why is BAMmetrics good for our members?

Mobility is connected to strength, stability, and performance. Tracking and improving mobility will result in better golf. As a bonus, improved mobility helps members avoid injury and the discomfort associated with frequent play.

Will the members want to use the equipment? 

One of my favorite things is to hand members their equipment. When the seminar ends, participants are excited to receive their equipment and get started on their path to better, pain-free golf.