The all-new BAMbloX is an excellent accessory to your fitness goals. You can now make PAINLESS Moves while exercising with the BAMbloX supporting your body.

The BAMbloX are made of soft foam that repositions your body while allowing the rest of the body to mobilize with the help of gravity.  The BloX will improve your neck, shoulder, and hip mobility.

Do you want greater flexibility and an improved range of motion? The BAMbloX can help you achieve these goals.

Are you having rounded shoulders and arms issues? Want to get your T-spine in the proper position? Get the BAMbloX now and see the difference in your breathing!



The BAMbloX are exercising blocks made out of foam (6.5 inch x 10.5 inch x 12.5 inch) and help in positioning your body appropriately. Exercising with these blocks will improve your body’s overall posture.

The BAMbloX can support your elbows, forearms, and hands while you stretch out and let gravity do the work. They make your body comfortable and help you improve your mobility and decrease your pain.

Why Should You Get The BAMbloX Right Now?

  • These bloX help in repositioning your body while you do exercises.
  • With the BAMbloX, you lower the risks of getting injured while working out.
  • Fitness professionals highly recommend these bloX.
  • Anyone from a beginner to an advanced athlete can use the BAMbloX.
  • The BAMbloX are highly durable.
  • The BAMbloX are made with non-toxic and repurposed fabric – our contribution to a healthy environment.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 12 in