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What is a BAM Number (metrics) and how is it calculated? 


BAMmetrics: The BAM Training Difference

Say No To Guessing And Measure For Success.

Take Your Training To The Next Level.

The Metrics Training process empowers you to measure your body’s standing in the mobility spectrum. It trains you to understand your functional movement better and helps you reach your fitness goals.

The BAMmetrics Starter Package

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What is Your Goal?

To enhance your mobility and improve your overall fitness level based on YOUR metrics.

What Are You Assessing?

Your current mobility level, range of motion, balance, an overall fitness.

What Should You Expect From This Training?

A super-effective workout program curated just for you – based on your matrices.

How To Find YOUR Number


Step 1. Pick up any 1 exercise from each of the given 6 KEY AREAS.
Step 2. Perform 1 to 3 sets as shown.
Step 3. Take a rest for 30 to 90 seconds between each set.
Step 4. Upon finishing, check YOUR number.
Step 5. Record YOUR number.
Step 6. Assess or Retest to adjust YOUR program according to your goal.


Consistency is KEY to Success!

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Overhead Wall Squat

SLR to Cone

Plank Reach  

Palloff Press Walkout

Ab Wheel Rollout  

Pike on Gliders  

Walk Out Push Up

Med Ball Push Up

Spiderman Push Up  

Staggered Walk

Cross Over Lunge

Glider Side Lunge

One Leg Tactical Frog

Runner’s Stretch

Wall Quad Stretch  

Wall Windmill

Spiderman Lunge

Spread Feet Wide & Rotate to BloX  

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