BAMmetrics Instructor Course

Virtual Training for Professionals (8 Hours): CEC/CEU



Virtual Training Program

With a Metrics-Based and Data-Oriented movement training method, the BAMmetrics System lets you train your clients VIRTUALLY, in the gym and run amazing  group classes that your clients will love.

To make the program more effective and result-centric, we have a collection of measurement tools and innovative assessments. Our Metrics-Based approach kicks the guesswork out of the window.

BAMmetrics constantly tries to upgrade the exercise routines for the best possible results. The exercises you’ll train are easily repeatable and provide measurable results. These exercises are designed to improve the mobility of clients of all age groups. You’ll be virtually training patients, seniors, students, and professional athletes.

BAMmetrics’s Virtual Training Program is extremely easy if you are dedicated to your clients’ fitness goals.

Why Should You Become a BAMmetrics Instructor?

As a BAMmetrics Instructor, you’ll learn about a whole new world of Metrics-Based Mobility Training. You’ll learn how to help your clients with their movement and flexibility-related needs as well as strength & conditioning based on real metrics.

As a BAM certified health professional, you will get new exercise routines, and your business profitability will increase manifolds. You’ll also learn about the BAM Metrics in this course, which will help you measure your client’s progress.

You’ll have data to back your claims. There won’t be any guesswork. All of your clients will take your words seriously if you show them measurable results.

You can also use the BAMmetrics system with TRX, Bosu, VipR, Ab Wheel, Gliders, Medicine Balls, FitFighter and many more pieces of equipment used in the gym everyday.

BAMmotion Instructor Course

8 Hour Instruction Course: $499

To ensure the highest quality, we use a two-step process. First, trainers apply. Qualified applicants will be given a link to purchase the course.

BAM Certified Trainer Membership

What’s Included?

 Eight hours of instruction
 BAMmat, BAMbloX & BAMmini-bands
 Access to the BAM Online Exercises
One year BAM Certified Trainer Membership
 Access to the BAM Affiliate program

Interested in training all your staff? Contact Bobby.


Virtual Training Curriculum

Contact Hours: 8

  BAMmetrics Fundamental Principles – 90 MINS
  • Introduction to Virtual Training
  • The Benefits of Metrics-Based Exercises
  • Why the metrics matter
 Metrics-Based Equipment – 60 MINS
  • BAMmat Features & Benefits
  • BAMbloX Features & Benefits
  • BAMvest Features & Benefits
  • BAMstrap Features & Benefits
 Exercise Series Demonstration – 120 MINS
  • Assessment Series
  • Bodyweight Series
  • Mobility Series
  • Pain Management
  • Recovery Tools
  • Equipment Questions
  Programming – 90 MINS
  • Design Principles
 Sample Program Design – 90 MINS
  • Partner Programming
 Q & A and Wrap Up – 30 MINS


Become a BAM Certified Trainer