BAM Vest


The BAM Vest has made stretching far too easy. Stretching plays a vital role in improving our body’s flexibility and mobility.

If you want to get quantitative fitness results, get a BAM Vest now! You can easily track your mobility goals and make amendments whenever required.

The BAM Vest is made of a professionally designed material that encourages precise body movements. With the help of metric-based tracking, the BAM Vest improves your overall body function. It also helps you avoid any injury while exercising.

The Bam Vest is internationally recognized as a great fitness equipment for improving rehabilitation results. It also improves your breathing with the help of its Hands-Free feature.



The BAM Vest is highly-effective and extremely result-oriented fitness equipment that increases your range of motion and overall flexibility.

You can even use the BAM Vest without engaging your hands. The Hands-Free feature allows you to lay back  & relax, binge-watch your favorite Netflix show, or enjoy music Рwhile your entire body gets mobilized (from head to toe).

Why Should You Get The BAM Vest Right Now?

  • If you have trouble while stretching your body parts, the BAM Vest will help you out.
  • Get far more flexible with this vest on your side. Your feet, heels, Achilles tendon, hamstrings, inner & outer thigh muscles, and calves will show immediate results.
  • By alleviating the stress on your arms and hands, the BAM Vest helps you breathe properly.
  • It increases your ankle’s mobility by dorsiflexion.
  • Use the BAM Vest with HyperVolt for even better results.
  • You can measure your daily progress with the help of metrics.
  • Professionals from all around the world highly recommend it.
  • It is your one-stop solution for warmup, injury prevention, and post-exercise cool down.

Additional information

Weight 3.35 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 16 × 4 in


Lower Body Stretching with the BAMmetrXvest BAMmetrXvest