Have you tried to improve your mobility for years and feel you’re not getting a result from your efforts? 

Well here is the move for you: Wide Leg Forward Bend & Twist.

What’s the Best Time For This Exercise.

I personally love to do this exercise first thing in the morning.

It tells me how I’m feeling first thing. Get the day started right by doing a mobility exercise each and everyday. It gives a gentle wake up call to all the muscles in the legs, your side body, and your spine and helps get the day going.

I call it the Champions Checklist! ONE-A-DAY. You can download the PDF here.

Do you measure your progress and know your metrics?

Step one is to determine your number.

Explanation on how to find your number. Place your left foot at the beginning of the BAM MAT  and your right foot at 44; place your BAM BLOX  at 22 with your middle finger lined up with 22 on the 6 or 10 inch side of the BloX depending on your mobility. Take a deep breathe and rotate away with your top hand as you exhale. Try to go further on each exhale.  Do it three times and then switch sides and repeat.  Go 2 inches wider (46 with right foot / 23 hand position) repeat the three breathes and widen your right foot again (48 with right foot / 24 hand position) repeat this process 5 times.  If 44 is too wide to begin than adjust the number down to 42 or 40 depending on your mobility. Do what is comfortable for you and remember to track your metrics.  What’s your number?

 How this Helps Your Golf Game

With increased mobility in the lower body and upper body you will be able to crack the whip. The two sections of the body working together through the CORE will add MPH so you can reach those par 5’s,  and make more birdies and eagles.

Once a day is enough to get you there. Wide Leg Forward Bend & Twist. Enjoy golf PAIN FREE and shoot lower scores.