Do you want better flexibility, mobility, strength or performance? How do you know what you need?

Take, for example:

‘spread feet wide and rotate’

How do you know how wide to place your feet? 

Do you place your hand on a yoga block or on the floor? 

Have you improved from the last time you did the exercise or are you still in the same place you started?

Spread Feed Wide and Rotate

Here at BAMmotion, we teach you how to track your metrics so you can improve your mobility daily.  

With BAM’s metrics based equipment, you (and/or your trainer) determine where to start, and progress at your own pace (a few inches or boxes a week) dependent on your ability and goals.

How wide are your feet?
Does it feel the same on both sides?
Is one side easier?

Know your metric! 

Mini-Band Staggered Stance

Incremental improvement leads to big changes later. 

It’s like putting $1.00 a day in the bank. After 365 days you might think you would have $365 dollars, but with interest (fitness compounds with consistency) you have quite a bit more. Not bad for such a little investment!  

How far do you jump when you do ‘skaters?’
Three boxes, five boxes or the whole mat?
Be consistent and track progress.

Consistency is KEY! 

Intent matters:

Measure your progress and know where to begin so you keep improving. 

You can’t manage what you don’t measure!