To play better golf you have to be able to swing the club consistently without pain and compensation.  If I showed you a way to measure your mobility so you could improve your golf game would you be interested?

Stop saying, I need to get more flexible, or I need to start working out.  By choosing ONE exercise daily, from this simple routine, the exercises chosen will hit multiple joints in all 3-planes of motion.

What’s your number?

1-Ball Medicine Ball Push-Up: 3 x 14-28 reps with a 90-120 second rest: then 1 x as many as possible. What is YOUR number?

How many medicine ball push-ups can YOU do?

Can YOU balance on your right foot and reach with your left hand the same distance you’re able to on your left foot? What’s your number?

Single Leg Reach to Cone

Measure what matters!
You have to be able to ASSESS your progress and see the results for yourself, otherwise you won’t be able to see your improvement and you won’t stay motivated.  We know life gets in the way: kids, job, emergencies, stress, and not getting enough sleep. By only doing ONE exercise daily, you will be able to see your progress metrically and improve your mobility over time and maintain it for life.

Play better golf when you have the time, but be ready to swing the club as fast as you can at any moment.  Ready to dive in?  Goto to see more videos and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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