Warrior Series



Improve whole body mobility & stability

Starting Position:

Mat in open space
Stand at front edge of mat with feet together

Cueing & Measurement:

Place the heel of one foot at 1” on midline strip & turn toes out 45 ̊
Step other foot out 3-4 boxes along midline strip & record position of heel
Bend front knee & raise arms overhead, press palms together & look up, hold for 30-secs
Lower arms parallel to mat palms down & look forward over front hand, hold for 30-secs
Slowly raise back foot straight up behind & lower upper body forward
Bring back leg parallel to mat making a straight line from head to back heel, shifting weight to front foot
Keep hips in line with arms out to sides, hold for 30-secs
Slowly lower leg, return upright, switch feet & repeat on other side