Mobility with BAMmetrics

8 weeks of functional mobility movement and strength training with Bobby Aldridge founder of BAMmetrics.

From 8:30-9:00am every Saturday for 8 weeks (2/6-3/27)!

Week 1:  Body Weight movements on a mat (any mat)
Week 2: Assess your body: Mat or BAMmat (Introduce the BAMmat and benefits – not necessary for the class)
Week 3: Shoulder Mobility: BloX (again not necessary, modifications for attendees can sub out for equipment found at home)
Week 4: Flexibility: Foam Roller/Lacrosse Ball
Week 5: Lower Body Strength: Mini-Bands and or equipment found from your home
Week 6: Upper Body Strength: 6-12lb. Medicine Ball or household items
Week 7: CORE Strength: Ab Wheel (modifications for people without a wheel)
Week 8: Integrating all the equipment into YOUR program.





This functional performance mat helps you place your hands and feet in the proper position when doing exercises. With 72 incremental markings and 18 boxes, you will have a quick reference for placement of the body, giving you a more focused and effective workout. Exercises are scalable, and you can be sure that you are doing your routine properly time after time. Compact, easy, and user-friendly, it is also highly adaptive and allows for multipurpose use with other systems, including TRX, Keiser, Bosu, ViPR, CoreTex, Sliders, Ab Wheel, and HyperVolt.