Bam Certified Trainer Membership

$9.99 / month$99.99 / year

Bam Certified Trainer Membership – a $250 Value

Partner with BAM to take your training expertise to the next level!

The BAMmotion System uses a matt with built-in metrics in combination with a collection of innovative assessment and measurement tools. This approach:

  • Takes the guesswork out of exercise.
  • Works with all your clients – patients, seniors, and athletes
  • Can be used at home, in the gym, or virtually.
  • Makes all exercises measurable and easily repeatable.
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BAMmotion’s Virtual Training Program

The BAMmotion System allows health professionals to save time, improve efficiency, and increase business profitability. Through efficient movement, safe and clear incremental measurement, progress can be easily charted with greater assurance of client compliance.

BAMmotion training allows the professional to maximize in-session client performance and allows clients to reliably and predictably improve whether in the presence of a trainer/therapist, in virtual sessions or on their own at home.

Virtual training couldn’t be easier.  Used with TRX, Bosu, ViPR, Ab Wheel, Gliders, Medicine Balls to mention a few. The experience for clients is repeatable and simple to implement.

Why guess when you can ASSESS.