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Swing Faster with these Mobility Exercises:

Gain Mobility with 3 Simple exercises!

Reduce YOUR Pain, Improve YOUR Mobility and Performance by doing the Wall Windmill, Single-Leg Reach (SLR), and the Spread Feet Wide & Rotate with the BloX. The Windmill will take out the rotation and strengthen your shoulders: Do 5 x 10. The Single-Leg Reach (SLR) works on your balance. What’s your number? The Spread Feet Wide & Rotate exercise works your T-Spine and Hips. Do 5 x 3 and then roll your inner thighs and repeat.

Improve your mobility using the BloX and BAMmat

The Spread Feet Wide & Rotate exercise improves hip and T-Spine mobility by incrementally widening the feet 2-inches at a time. The hand on the BloX helps with the height and rotation for beginners. BloX are 6in. x 10in. x 12 in. The Bretzel improves the rotation of the T-Spine and the BloX makes it easier to do the exercise for those who can’t get there shoulders to the ground.

Improve mobility, reduce rotation, and improve posture with these moves!

Mobility exercises to reduce the rotation in your body!

Wall Windmills improve your T-Spine mobility and lower body internal and external rotation. The modified floor bloX will improve your neck and shoulder position while also working on internal rotation. The BloX will restore your posture by letting gravity do the work. Roll a wash towel and put it under your forehead to elevate your nose off the floor to let you breathe easier. It re-establishes balance along the muscles of the spine, can neutralize pelvic rotations, hip rotations, shoulder imbalances and even get the head to reposition itself

Runners Stretch on the BAMmat

This is one exercise I do everyday. The Runners Stretch improves hip mobility and works up into the T-Spine, Neck and Shoulders. Foam Roll the It-Band and T-Spine to improve your range of motion and then do the Wall Squat to neutralize the hips and lock in the good position you are now in.

Reduce YOUR Back Pain

Reduce your back pain while strengthening your legs

The decline wall squat improves your leg strength and neutralizes your pelvis so your back and shoulders are in a better position which helps reduce your back pain. Great exercise to do after golf to reduce the rotation in your pelvis.

Reduce your back pain with the Single-Leg Tactical Frog

The Single-Leg Tactical Frog is an incredibly powerful exercise. It will reduce the tension on your inner thigh muscles and reduce your back pain. The adductor muscles of the hip can cause limitations in your hip mobility and squatting. Keep your spine neutral while you do this exercise. You can do it on your hands and/or on your elbows.

Improve Upper Body Strength & CORE

Medicine Ball Push-Ups improve your CORE Strength

The medicine ball push-up is known for building your upper body strength but the real secret is it’s a CORE Strengthening exercise. By using the BloX when you finish your push-up routine you will put your neck, shoulders and chest back in a better position. Use the foam roller to further loosen tight muscles and allow the BloX to do their job.

Strengthen your shoulders using the BloX

The Floor BloX exercise will strengthen your shoulders and upper back and improve your shoulder mobility. Improve your back swing for golf and tennis with this exercise. Use golfers grip and make a I, Y, T and hold for 30-60 seconds in each position. Thumbs up and rotated back towards your feet.

Strengthen your upper back & shoulders with the Floor BloX

The advanced Floor BloX exercise strengthens the posterior muscles of your back. Get mobile and strong and play pain free! You got this. 1-3 sets of 10-30 seconds in each position

The secret to increasing your swing speed

Increase your swing speed with the DECEL Drill

Improve your swing Speed by using the alignment stick in your golf bag. Tape it up so you can grip it and use it to improve your CORE strength and impact position while also improving your swing speed. Do 3 to 5 swings Left-Handed and Right-Handed 3 times a week. Swing as fast as you can but stay on balance.

Kids Mobility Program: Keep them injury-free and teach them early on how to take care of their body properly.

Kids Mobility Program for Golf, Tennis, and Baseball

Kids need mobility to improve their performance and reduce their chances of injury.

Medicine Ball Push-Ups Routine:
5 x 7 @ 60 seconds rest
1 x as many as possible

Example of reps and rest:
First set x 14, 7, 7 @ 90 seconds rest
Second set x 14, 14, 7 @ 90 seconds rest
Third set x 14, 14, 14 @ 90 seconds rest
Fourth set do as many as possible if you can do
more than 14 increase the number to 21

3 x 21, 14, 14 @ 90 seconds rest
1 x as many as possible

3 x 28, 21, 14 @ 90 seconds rest
1 x as many as possible

Spread Feet Wide & Rotate with BloX
5 x 3

Single Leg Reach to Cone or BloX
2 inches
3 inches
4 inches

Wall Windmill
5 x 10-20 reps

2-Mini Bands on Knees
hands 10-20 reps
bridge +

Hip Mobility using Mini-Bands
Birddog: mini-band on feet
Pull-Up: mini-band on feet
Push-Down: mini-band on feet