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Bodyweight Exercises

Features bodyweight-only exercises designed to improve strength and endurance as well as challenge stability and balance

Mobility Exercises

Features exercises designed to improve joint mobility and increase musculoskeletal flexibility


Equipment Exercises

Features exercises utilizing a variety of standard gym equipment including; TRX, mini-bands, BOSU, kettlebell, Activmotion Bar (ViPR), Ab Wheel, Airex pad and more


This course will introduce the fundamental principles of the BAMmetrics training system of scalable, efficient, repeatable, and measurable training to improve performance.
You will learn to efficiently and effectively implement the BAMmetrics Performance Training Mat into your current training methods to safely deliver progressive workouts while showing measurable improvement.

The BAMmat Performance Training Mat System focuses on these key areas:


This is the evaluation of the quality of a person’s ability to perform an exercise or movement. We begin with first assessing a person’s ability or level to perform some basic movement assessments. This tells us their true starting point and helps to create a suitable training roadmap.


One of the main BAMmetrics mantras is: “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” Along with assessing a person’s starting point, we believe in constantly measuring progression to monitor progress. Following a protocol of test-retest allows for regular program modification.


The BAMmetrics training system was specifically designed to allow the user to not only assess/measure a movement pattern but also to make it easily repeatable.

We want to not only instill proper movement mechanics but also make them readily repeatable every time.


The BAMmetrics methodology is highly focused on teaching the user to be self-sufficient when it comes to training. The BAMmat provides clients (users) with the knowledge and instruction to safety and effectively perform any given exercise.
6mm Performance Mat

Methods may change but principles do not. By using BAMmat, fitness professionals can easily train clients how to perform any exercise as it was done in the clinic or health club.

The BAMmat Performance Training Mat Course

is divided into 4 main exercise sections:





Upon completion of this course, you will have a full understanding of how to integrate the BAMmetrics Performance Training Mat to seamlessly implement the BAMmetrics overall training system into your coaching/teaching for clients, patients and athletes of all fitness levels.

 Dimensions: 72” x 26” & 5mm thick

Weight: 8.0 lbs

Patented Dual Alignment Marking System

18 Spatial Boxes (8”H x 12”W)

Incremental Midline Strip (72”)

 Non-toxic, biodegradable natural rubbers

Non-slip suede finish

Non-toxic foaming agents & non-AZO dyes

No PVC or harmful plasticizers