Improve Your Swing And Achieve Better Scores With The BAM Mat

Improve your swing to hit the ball farther and more accurately while reducing the chance of injury. BAM Mat’s built-in metrics deliver enhanced mobility and optimal flexibility.

Have you been playing golf for a while but haven’t seen much improvement in your performance?

Are your distance and accuracy declining?

Perhaps, you’ve been buying equipment with the hopes that it will help you in the long run but doesn’t deliver your desired result.

You love golf and are passionate about it, but you’ve been experiencing discomfort, fatigue, and pain as you play due to a limited range of motion.

If any of these resonate with you, then it may be the best time to invest in a quality tool that will help you achieve better flexibility and mobility.

This is where our high-end BAM Mat comes in. With as little as 15 minutes a day with this advanced exercise tool, you’ll gain the power and strength that will improve your scores and allow you to play to your heart’s content without pain.

BAM Motion – The Bobby Aldridge Method

As all elite athletes know, the right workout equipment is vital for your success. This goes the same with golfers as well. If you feel like you’ve lost your swing speed over the years or you find your muscles becoming too stiff for better accuracy, it is never too late to regain flexibility and get back on track. 

Luckily, with BAM Mat, you can ensure that you are getting the best out of your hard-earned money. But before we discuss how this unique mat can help you obtain your desired results, it might be a good idea to start getting acquainted with the expert behind this exceptional product.

Who is Bobby Aldridge?

Bobby Aldridge is the founder of BAMmotion, Inc., which was solely established to improve the efficiency and performance of trainers, physical therapists, and clients through its metric-based products. For more than twenty-five years, he has had the opportunity to work with different people, from children with special needs to students to professional athletes.

He obtained his degree in Exercise and Sports Science and a minor in Business Administration at the University of San Francisco. He also holds advanced certifications in CSCS-NSCA, TPI, USAW, ACE, AFAA, Egoscue PAS I, II, III, and NASM-CES.

How can he help?

With his strong academic background and passion for health and fitness, Bobby has helped many individuals achieve their full potential. His company is equipped with state-of-the-art products, services, and technology to improve the overall quality of various sports and wellness.

When you work with a team of experts at BAM Motion, you know you are dealing with professionals who have the knowledge and experience to enhance your capability as a golfer. After all, they understand the complexity of golf as a sport. For this reason, they are dedicated not only to increase your mobility, flexibility, and power but also keep you free from any form of injury.

Customers Reviews​

Bobby has trained dozens of golfers, from weekend warriors to top 100 professionals, and they have all, without exception, seen improvements from BETTER mobility.

See what the Doctor says about the BAM Mat

67 year old golfer: “BAM has been great for my golf game and low back pain. I have been able to improve my swing speed, my core strength and my flexibility and hip rotation. The greatest compliment I received was from my wife, who said, “I’m moving like the young guy she married.” I can’t wait to see what my body will be able to do in the future.”

Barry Lee: Member at Meadow Club

65 year old golfer: “I hit the ball better, more fluid and 20-30 yards further than I have in years. My friend asked me, what have you been doing? Your swing looks so much smoother than the last time we played and Scott said, “I have to thank BAM for helping me so much, I can manage my body on my own with very little effort and I can track my progress.”

Scott Lamson

Training with BAM has made me stronger, more flexible and pain free. My swing speed went from 125mph to over 130mph in just a few months. I trained at home during Covid-19 and was able to do everything necessary to make incredible gains. It is so simple. It’s hard to believe these simple exercises make such a difference. I love my routine and look forward to seeing how much more I can get out of my body.

Forbes Collins: Mini Tour player

Use BAM Mat to Achieve Great Golfing Results

Producing power and force while building and maintaining strength is essential in the success of every golfer. Your body will benefit from stretching workouts for your muscle flexibility and improve range of motion.

If you want your muscles to perform at their best, then having the BAM Mat is a fantastic idea. In fact, it is a top choice of athletes, trainers, and physical therapists as it allows you to perform myriads of movements with greater or precise control.

How can the mat improve your golf performance?

A strong and powerful swing is a result of good flexibility, and this is one of the multiple benefits of using a BAM Mat. As you use it as a part of your workout, your muscles will develop enhanced strength and flexibility. These will help you achieve better shots and reduce the risk of joint damage and muscle strains during your play.

When you perform a regular exercise on the mat, you will develop lean and long muscles. Instead of risking a strained upper back or hip flexor due to sudden movements playing golf, stretching will increase your muscles’ readiness to respond.

What sets BAM Mat apart from the competition?

While it can be tempting to use just any yoga mat you can find on the market, the BAM Mat is designed to help you achieve longer and more accurate shots every time. This is possible due to its unique metrics-based method that eventually leads to an increased range of motion, improved posture and flexibility, and better coordination. It also takes the guesswork out of exercise so you can track your mobility improvement.

Unlike any exercise mat, this functional performance mat comes with one to seventy-two markings and eighteen boxes for better placement of your body. These unique features allow you to place your hands and feet in proper positions as you exercise. Other incredible factors that make the BAM Mat stand out among other exercise mats today include:

  • Adaptability

Not warming up will ruin your swing, and eventually, your play. This is where the BAM Mat is a great use during warm-ups. It is also highly effective for exercise, post-exercise, and cool-down.

  • Authentic and durable design

BAM Mat is designed to serve you for a long time. It is proven to be durable and will not wear and tear easily, even with heavy use. This makes it a valuable exercise partner as you strive to become a better golfer.

  • Easy to use

You can use this innovative mat straight from the box. No complicated instructions or assembly needed. It is immediately usable and accessible so you can get started with your exercise routines.

It is More Than Just a Workout Mat!

The BAM Mat – Special reduced price of $88, regular price $118

If you think it is like any average exercise mat on the market, think again! It comes with online instructional exercises recommended by experts to track and enhance your full-body mobility. It is compact, simple, and yet highly adaptable and functional.

Improved mobility has more impact on scores, swing speed, discomfort than anything else you can do. And that’s exactly what BAM Mat can provide you. If you are ready for better scores, then get yourself a BAM Mat today! You only need to spend 15 minutes each day, and you will no doubt see considerable improvements in your overall golfing performance and capabilities.